Tuesday-Saturday nights from 5:30 pm

Off-season hours may vary;
please call for info



Welcome To Calypso North Restaurant


Morehead City, NC

Certain sensations and feelings come to mind when describing our restaurant and menu at Calypso North. Our location might seem as remote as a Bahamian out island or as a tiny bit of sand with a single coconut tree in the Leeward's; but our attitude of communal sharing and commitment puts us clearly in the center of food and drink in the county's hospitality industry.

We offer a unique balance of spice and fruit, hot and cool, sweet and sour and the past, present and future of our cusine which we hope is as visual and stimulating as a Caribbean sunset.

"More gulf stream than main stream" is our motto, as we seek to express ourselves in a sweet legacy of tradition. As aromatic as a shrimp curry with fruit, nuts and coconut, as tasty as Mary's pineapple cheesecake or as perfect as our "Yucca Crusted Triggerfish", we maintain the steady helm of the proven.....yet continue improvisation on familiar themes.

So....sail on up 20th Street my friends, dingy up under the palms and let Ms. Mary's Rum Punch bring back those days of tropical splendor!